Entrepreneur, Inventor and Microsoft Regional Director

Venkat is a Technocrat Businessman. He is the Founder & former CEO of Vishwak Solutions. He was Former Director of 87 year old LIFCO Publishers ( Under his leadership, Vishwak has grown into an agile software services company that customers love to do business with. He has two decades of Industry experience in both IT Services and Software Products.

He has a U.S. Patent #62/343,406 pending for his invention for “Method and Platform for Presenting an Article on a device”. Using this patent, he created a mobile application in USA called ‘Simpligic’ that’s an out of box rethinking of what a NEWS should be. He started his entrepreneurship venture in 1997 by creating, a shareware firm whose product EasyStruct came runner-up in Microsoft Tech Ed 2002 USA show.

He has lead teams that designed solutions for Enterprises in USA and for media industry in India. He has been a Microsoft Regional Director from 1999 and a regular speaker in Microsoft conferences. CXOs turn to Venkat regularly to get I.T. demystified with his ability to see through technology hype cycles and design cross-domain systems. As early as 2003, a whole decade ago, Venkat articulated in his interviews with press that mobile phone will be the first and only computer for majority of the world including the masses of India. He believes that by 2025 smartphones in their current avatar will cease to exist thanks to explosive improvements in AI.
He encourages entrepreneurship through his association as Charter Member of TiE Chennai and through mentorship programs in IEEE. He is a board member in IEEE Computer Society Madras Chapter.