Alchemist, inspiring and enabling innovation

Balaji Srinivasan is a professional with rich experience in diverse aspects of software product development . He has excelled in key strategic leadership roles that require innovation and disciplined software engineering from inception, elaboration, construction and transition.

He is respected for his creativity, energy and discipline. Balaji has immense confidence to take any challenging role, new domain, and ability to engage with customers enriching with them in meeting their needs and also helping them to go beyond their current vision is. He is great at coaching and works with total integrity. He is in to humanistic psychology and is versatile – with his knowledge that extends to all aspects of life and inherent spirituality, he reaches out to all people and guide them to reach their potential and meet their goals. He stands for what is right and helps people around him to practice good human values. He transcends roles and can wear the hat of any senior leadership person and help them out – His energizing influence has been recognized by people around him.

Balaji is also an avid programmer and has worked on highly scalable architectures with microservices modeling and domain driven design methodology. He is well versed with Agile methodologies like Scrum, Feature Driven Development and Test Driven Development.
He has a personal vision for him – help society by doing innovative products in the areas like telecom, health and education. He wants leaders to practice quantitative decision making, think beyond one self, practice systems thinking. He believes when coupled with ability of leaders from all walks of life can make a societal transformation.