How to make your company, a brand?

From about a century ago where we called it the ‘age of manufacturing’, to a decade back we termed it as the age of information, today we are at the ‘age of the customer’. In some of my conferences, as a speaker, I have highlighted this – many entrepreneurs feel that branding is only for large companies; branding is a big budget exercise; branding involves huge time and effort and we cannot afford both. But ‘why branding’ has become a no-brainer today.

Why do you need a leadership coach?

Are you learning to lead a larger mission or corporate objective? Do you feel that you are being under pegged and not given higher responsibilities? Are you being overlooked constantly in not been given promotions, in spite of your performance? Welcome to the leadership coaching club. Numerous instances like this are seen in the corporate world. In earlier days, leadership coaching was all about fixing some toxic attitudes and issues arising from the top. It was required to address the issues at hand,

Why do startups need a business mentor?

Recently, I had an opportunity to deliver a session to a large group of entrepreneurs.  At the end of my presentation I was asked by a half a dozen entrepreneurs requesting me to be their mentor.  One of them posed a question – “why will I need a mentor as I am already running a reasonable successful startup? “ “Does that mean Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer, don’t need a coach?  Or should the coach have far skills superior to Sachin

How to find the right mentor for your startup

With numerous startups coming up every other day all over the world, there is a definite need for startup mentors. The requirement and demand has never been so much, and one of the primary reasons that entrepreneurs looks for a good mentor is to ensure that nothing goes wrong during their startup journey. Unlike other services, are startup mentors easily available? Can they add value? Can they increase the success ratio of the aspiring entrepreneurs or startup founders? The answer actually

Execution is the Key for Startup’s Success

Ideas can be dime and dozen, but Leadership is all about the ‘ability to execute’. Today, the biggest differentiator between you and your competition will be your ability to execute. We all know change is the only constant, so companies that execute well will also experience changes happening faster. Without successful execution you Cannot grow revenues Cannot add value to your customer’s businesses Cannot build an enterprise Finally cease to exist When we say ‘execution’, most of us think of Service Delivery or Operations. It should